About Us

Unfollow was started as 'a bit of fun' and to see... 'what this new fangled AI gubbins was all about'.... We spent the first few days finding our feet and being blown away by the imagery that 'AI text prompt art' could create... However we soon realised that 'it's all a bit... SAMEY'... Once you've seen one AI page with Neon Dragons wearing diamonds you've seen them allllllll.... OR have you!!.... Given that we have a history of over 30 years in the design industry, we like think we know 'what looks good' and what is 'a bit different'... So we took this as a challenge to dive deep into exactly what could be created with this new TECH.... Once we started to discover camera settings, focal points, lens settings, shutter speeds, external influences, and photographic influences, we realised the world literally is your 'AI imagined Oyster.... on a bed of robotic candelabras'... A lot of people 'poo poo' AI and AI Art... In our eyes, those people are missing the point... AI Art has not been designed to kill off the artist... It has been designed to aid the artist... speed up workflow, increase ingenuity, increase thought processes, and encourage people to think outside the box... AI is comparable to the birth of the Camera, the birth of CAD design, new fangled software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, Vue... All of which are artists tools... We believe it's what you do with the AI that is the MOST EXCITING THING!... The Unfollow Gallery itself came about because we were asked on multiple DMs from our Instagram feed, if people could buy prints of our imagery... and so we have created the ability... TO BUY PRINTS OF OUR IMAGERY...We spent some time looking at various suppliers and various qualities of paper and ended up settling on offering high quality museum paper prints, either unframed, or framed in black, white or natural wood, all available in various sizes... If you do buy one of our prints... THANK YOU!... we hope you like it... and we hope it brings a smile to your face. :)